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Delaware Department of Transportation

Stormwater Management

The mission of DelDOT's Stormwater Quality Program is to minimize the run off of pollutants from the roadway drainage system into surface waters of the State of Delaware. Please visit this site for information on what DelDOT is doing to control stormwater pollution, and what YOU can do to help us!

Livable Lawns

Only Rain Down the Drain!

Dispose of Household Hazardous Wastes properly. Leftover cleaning chemicals, automotive fluids, pesticides, solvents, and paints should never be dumped into storm drains, streets, ditches or sinks.

The Delaware Solid Waste Authority (DSWA) holds Household Hazardous Waste Collection Events at different locations in the state throughout the year. Delaware residents can bring their waste materials to the events free of charge.

Click here to download a printable PDF of DSWA's 2017 Collection Event schedule and acceptable materials list.

For more information, visit DSWA's website, or call the Citizens' Response Line at 1-800-404-7080.

haz materials

Don't drip and drive! Did you know that recycling oil and oil filters is free and easy? See the links below for information on areas in your county to recycle your oil

Help Save Delaware's Rivers and Bays, One Lawn at a Time!

Did you know that the great-looking lawn many of us want comes at a significant environmental and public health cost? Runoff from fertilizers and pesticides applied to our lawns can have a big impact on local streams, creeks, rivers and bays.

DelDOT is proud to be a sponsor of the Delaware Livable Lawns Program. Check out the program's website for tips on how to make small changes in your lawn care practices so we can all be better stewards of our environment.

View an article that appeared in Delaware State News about DelDOT's storm drain inventory and inspection program.

Neighborhood Updates

KCI Technologies and Century Engineering will be in the following neighborhoods conducting a drainage system inventory and inspection of DelDOT's storm sewer system:

January 2016

Sussex County

  • Rehoboth Beach Yacht and Country Club (Rehoboth)
  • Seabreeze (Rehoboth)
  • Bald Eagle Road (Rehoboth)
  • Bay Vista Road (Rehoboth)
  • Apache Avenue (Millsboro)
  • Cherokee Court (Millsboro)
  • Comanche Circle (Millsboro)
  • Souix Drive (Millsboro)
  • Warwick Drive (Millsboro)
  • Lenape Lane (Millsboro)
  • Apolla Lane (Milton)
  • Aquarius Circle (Milton)
  • Aquarius Way (Milton)
  • Gemini Lane (Milton)
  • Mercury Lane (Milton)
  • Polaris Lane (Milton)
  • Vega Way (Milton)
  • Venus Lane (Milton)

Kent County

  • No current inspections

New Castle County

  • Head Injury Recovery Center
  • Prestwick
  • Gender Woods
  • Christinas Brace
  • Stonewold
  • Woodcrest Court

View a brochure describing the inventory and inspection program.

 ADA Information