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Delaware Department of Transportation

Stormwater Management

How You Can Help

Human activity threatens the health of our rivers and streams. What we do on the land directly affects our water quality. We all have a responsibility to help keep our waterways clean.

The pages for Household Chemicals and Landscaping and Gardening offer numerous suggestions on how you can help reduce stormwater pollutants. Also, check out our "Useful Links" throughout this site to learn more ways you can help.

Get Involved

DelDOT's Adopt-A-Highway Program is a great way for the public to actively support DelDOT's anti-litter campaign in a visible way. There are many organizations that need your help...from cleaning roads and coastal areas to monitoring water quality to providing habitat in your own back yard. These are inexpensive, but important, activities that give the public the satisfaction of making their community and Delaware, a better place to live.

How To Report Problems

Help keep pollution out of the stormwater system by reporting illegal dumping or polluting activities.

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