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Delaware Department of Transportation

Stormwater Management

Streets and Highways

DelDOT is concerned about the water quality of Delaware's streams, beaches and rivers. As a result, we are taking action to minimize the pollutants that have caused beach closures, fish kills, toxic streams and ponds. DelDOT is committed to programs that will help clean these waterways and create a safe environment for our community. A few of these programs include:

Our programs for operating and maintaining public streets, roads and highways minimize the discharge of pollutants. Yearly maintenance is performed statewide on Delaware's stormwater system.

Though regular maintenance is performed on these drains, they can become clogged with trash and silt. Report clogged stormwater drains by calling DelDOT at 800-652-5600, or use DelDOT's online form to report problems.

Street sweeping is another tool used to decrease litter and debris that can clog storm drains and be carried into a nearby lake or stream. Another innovative tool is the creation of roadside ponds for the trapping of sediment and debris; this way runoff cannot enter nearby waterways via the stormwater system.

Aside from these efforts, the entire community is responsible for helping to maintain our waterways. Stormwater is not treated by water treatment facilities (as wastewater is) before flowing into our ecosystem, which is why it is important that everyone is involved.

DelDOT operates several programs through which citizens can assist the Department in keeping our roadways clean. Adopt-a-Highway is a road beautification program and was developed to reduce litter on Delaware's highways as well as the storm drain system. DelDOT also has begun an Adopt-a-Bike Path program. These programs have a water quality benefit because they reduce floatable debris and litter entering streams.

Find out more or join either of these cleanup programs.

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