Press Release -- August 21, 2008
Newark Transit Hub Ceremony

Newark -- During a press conference held Thursday at the Newark Transit Hub, Department of Transportation (DelDOT) Secretary Carolann Wicks announced that DelDOT and Delaware Transit Corporation (DTC) officially opened the Newark Transit Hub for use. Seven routes - including the Newark trolley (route 31) - transfer at the hub, which has a passenger shelter, pedestrian sidewalks, bike path, landscaping, and a new road - Pomeroy Lane.

"As fuel costs and environmental awareness increase, public transit is becoming an American way of life," Secretary Wicks said. "For some, a bus is their only way to get to work, school, and church. For others, people who never rode a bus before are hopping on board now and we want to make them lifelong customers."

Wicks said ridership in Newark has increased almost 37 percent since 2002. Routes 6, 33, 34, 39, 55, and 65 have been adjusted to transfer at the Newark Transit Hub. The Newark trolley, which has been in operation since December 3, 2007, stops at the hub and other downtown locations. Trolley fare is 25 cents, thanks to financial support from the City of Newark.

As demand for public transit increases, the Newark Transit Hub was designed to make taking the bus easier and faster. The hub centralizes bus activity so all Newark routes stop at the hub. The more people who take the bus to and from Newark will also reduce traffic congestion.

"Our city is very excited about the opening of the Newark Transit Hub," Mayor Vance A. Funk III said. "It will reduce traffic on Main Street and encourage more of our residents and guests to use public transportation."

Bill Osborne, Executive Director of Transportation Management Association Delaware, said, "Hub is a noun meaning 'any center of great activity or interest or commerce or transportation.' The Newark Transit Hub is that today."

About 60 people, including Senator Liane Sorenson, Representative John Kowalko, Representative Terry Schooley, and Newark City Council member Doug Tuttle, attended the ceremony. Most of the dignitaries either arrived to the ceremony via the Newark trolley or on foot.

"The citizens of Newark are hungry for alternatives to get in and around town," Newark Traffic Committee member Thomas A. Parkins said. "Now is the time to capitalize on these transportation needs."

The Newark Transit Hub is located at the intersection of East Delaware Avenue and Farmer Lane in the heart of the State's third most-populated city. Bear-based contractor JJID Inc. began construction March 24, 2008. The $1.2 million hub is part of a Federal Highway Administration program, where the federal government funds 80 percent and the state finances 20 percent of the associated costs.