Press Release -- May 24, 2004
Dedication Ceremony Held For Opening Of E-ZPass Express Lanes at the Dover Toll Plaza

Dover -- Transportation Secretary Nathan Hayward III, Dover Mayor Stephen Speed, and a gathering of local officials today dedicated the opening of the new E-ZPass "express lanes" at the Dover Toll Plaza. The conversion project will open to traffic on Thursday, May 27, in time for the Memorial Day weekend.

The completion of the $7.7 million project by contractor David Bramble, Inc., transforms the Dover Toll Plaza in to a state-of-the-art facility that will be able to handle additional traffic capacity and expanding E-ZPass usage rates as Route 1 volumes grow in the future. As an example, the rate of E-ZPass usage at Dover grew from 39% in December 2002 to 45% in December 2003. The Delaware E-ZPass system currently has over 70,000 accounts with more than 138,000 transponder units in circulation.

Secretary Hayward stated, "The completion of the Express Lanes here at the Dover Plaza are a great asset to central Delaware and the continued growth of Route 1. As more drivers convert to the E-ZPass system, backups will become a thing of the past. E-ZPass users will be able to travel through the plaza unimpeded as they commute to work or take vacation trips. I extend my warmest thanks and congratulations to everyone involved."

The project enhances the Dover Toll Plaza by converting it from 12 traditional booths to six traditional booths and four dedicated E-ZPass lanes. The new configuration now features three traditional booths (which will accept cash or E-ZPass) in each direction and two "express" E-ZPass only lanes in each direction. The Express Lanes allow vehicles to pass through at highway speeds since all E-ZPass toll collection systems are suspended above the lanes.

The Express Lanes will allow for more vehicles to travel through the Plaza in less time. The following information outlines the timesavings and capacity levels.
Cash Booth process time - 10 second delay; 350 vehicles per hour per booth
Dedicated E-ZPass lane process time - 3-4 second delay; 1,000 vehicles per hour per lane
E-ZPass "Express lane" process time - no delay; 2,000 vehicles per hour per lane
Dover Plaza 2002 Average Daily Traffic Count - 28,910
Dover Plaza 2003 Average Daily Traffic Count - 30,280
Dover Plaza Current Daily Average - 32,770; Current Weekend Average - 34,525

The Dover Toll Plaza first opened in the winter of 1993 when the Dover to Smyrna phase of State Route 1 was completed. The Biddle's Corner Toll Plaza has been open since the fall of 1999. To learn more about Toll Rates or to register for E-ZPass please visit the DelDOT website at