Public Workshop

I-95 and SR 896 Interchange Project
Glasgow High School, Cafeteria
1901 S College Avenue
December 5, 2017
4:00 PM to 7:00 PM


The public is invited to attend the I-95 and SR 896 Interchange workshop. The interchange currently
experiences peak hour congestion and has safety concerns throughout the day. Alternatives have
been analyzed that will improve safety and traffic operations. We welcome your input and comments
on the project and encourage you to identify and discuss project related issues.

Interested persons are invited to express their views in writing, giving reasons for support of, or opposition to, the
proposed changes. Comments will be received at the workshop or can be mailed to DelDOT Community Relations
P.O. Box 778, Dover, DE 19903, sent via email to or by fax (302) 739-2092.


This location is accessible to persons having disabilities. Any person having special needs or requiring special aid, such as an interpreter for the hearing impaired, is requested to contact DelDOT by phone at 1-800-652-5600 or by mail to DelDOT Community Relations, P.O. Box 778, Dover, DE 19903 one week in advance.