Press Release -- June 08, 2009
Delaware Does More for Teen Drivers

Teen Driving Website, Parent Orientation Training and Teen Driver Alert Programs Featured

Dover -- Today, in Dover, Lt. Governor Matt Denn, joined by representatives of the Teen Driving Task Force - a consortium of agencies dedicated to educating youth on driving safety - Senator Brian Bushweller, students and advocates announced the roll out of new programs aimed at improving teen driving in Delaware.

Lt. Governor Matt Denn stated, "It is such an important thing to do all we can to educate and protect young drivers in Delaware. I am especially proud of how these state agencies have built a bridge of cooperation to make sure that the Teen Driver Alert program is successful."

"In 2008, teen drivers in Delaware made up 5% of all licensed drivers, but were involved in 10% of all vehicle crashes," explained Jennifer Cohan, Director of the Division of Motor Vehicles. "Despite being lower than when the Graduated Drivers License program began in 1998, those percentages can still be improved."

The Delaware Does More for Teen Drivers Program features a number of components. A new website designed for the teen driver at, is now active. The site is full of information, resources, and tips to help teens stay safe while enjoying their newfound freedom in the driver's seat. A specialized training class for the parents of teen drivers - the Graduated Driver License Parent Orientation Class - is available as an hour long tool to increase parental involvement. The training course was created by the Office of Highway Safety and is free to the public.

Another positive initiative is the Teen Driver Alert Program which is a reflective magnet/sticker program aimed at GDL holders and their parents/sponsors. All Division of Motor Vehicle locations will be handing out, free of charge, a "Novice Driver" magnet or removable sticker to graduated driver license applicants and/or their parents/sponsors. This magnet/sticker can be used when teen drivers are learning to drive at home with their parents/sponsors.

The Teen Driving Task Force is a joint effort of the Division of Motor Vehicles, the Department of Education, the Office of Highway Safety, Delaware State Police, AAA Mid-Atlantic, and SmartDrive. Established in the fall of 2008, the Task Force was organized to develop a collective partnership for teen driver safety initiatives. The founding premise was to educate teen drivers and their parents/sponsors regarding the importance of safe driving skills, training, and the consequences if ignored.