Press Release -- August 20, 2008
City of Harrington Truck Route By-Pass Opens Today

Dover -- Department of Transportation (DelDOT) Chief Engineer Robert Taylor joined United States Senator Thomas R. Carper and other state and local officials today at a ribbon cutting ceremony celebrating the completion of City of Harrington Truck Route By-Pass.

"The designation of this road will establish a formal path which essentially re-routes truck traffic around the City of Harrington, effectively removing it from the historic district of town," Taylor said. "Downtown business owners and customers are thrilled as they anticipate truck improved safety on Commerce Street."

The citizens of Harrington, along with federal and state legislators, have worked diligently over the past several years to see this project come to fruition. Budget constraints at DelDOT placed a setback on the work in 2005. Fortunately, with the assistance of Senator Carper, federal funds were earmarked to allow this project to become a reality.

"This is a happy day for Harrington," stated Senator Carper. "This truck route around the City of Harrington will enhance the quality of life for the residents and vendors of Commerce Street and the downtown areas. I am proud to have secured $8.5 million for this important project for Harrington."

The project involved widening the existing pavement on Tower Hill and Farmington Roads, to the intersection of Farmington and Walter Messick Road (Five-Points), as well as turn/acceleration lane and median work on Route 13 in the areas of Tower Hill Road, Fairgrounds Road, and Route 14. During construction, DelDOT and David A. Bramble, Inc., worked with the City of Harrington to include additional work - a sewer and water main project for the City. This add-on job did not extend the length of the original project.

Construction began Monday, March 24, 2007, and lasted approximately 517 calendar days.

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