Press Release -- September 23, 2002
Event Held To Commemorate The Paving Of The Last Dirt Road In Sussex County

Ellendale -- Secretary of Transportation Nathan Hayward and state and local elected officials held an event today to celebrate the paving of the last dirt road in Sussex County, Spicer Road (Road 240) near the Town of Ellendale. Not only was the celebration to commemorate the paving of the last dirt road, but it also celebrated the completion of the Department's 10-Year Dirt Road Program, which involved all three counties at one time.

The program, which began in the mid 1990's, represented a goal of the Department to pave all remaining publicly dedicated dirt roads accepted for maintenance by the Department in the state within 10 years. Since 1995, funding was obtained through the General Assembly which allowed DelDOT to pave the remaining 100 miles of dirt roads.

Many of the shorter roads were paved on schedule by DelDOT's district maintenance forces. The majority of others were completed by two of Delaware's most well known construction firms, Teal Construction and Melvin Joseph Construction, Inc.

Secretary Hayward stated, "I am happy to report today that with the cooperation of the contractors and districts, we repaved those last 100 miles and completed the program in 8 short years instead of the anticipated ten years."

Hayward further noted that for prosperity and historical reference, a few dirt roads currently remain unpaved. Spicer Road, the last official road to be funded and repaved under the program is less than a quarter mile long. It was paved at a cost of $2,500.00. Overall, the 10-Year Dirt Road Program cost $11.6 million, and involved the paving of 124 roads.

Other noted attendees were former South District Engineer Allan Redden, who oversaw the majority of the paving of dirt roads in Sussex County, as well as DelDOT employees who assisted with the paving of Delaware's dirt roads.