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Project Information [T201607002]

This information is updated nightly.
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This information can be found at the bottom of the bid tabulation report, which is updated as projects are awarded.

Project Information
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Project Title
This project involves the replacement of 11 bridges around the state consisting of single or multi-cell corrugated metal pipe culverts. The replacement structures will be reinforced concrete pipe culverts. Additional work includes placement of riprap, reconstruction of the approach roadway, and installation of guardrail as needed. The project will be administered as a design-build contract.
Corrugated metal pipe culverts are corroding throughout the state. The Department has over 200 bridge-length corrugated metal pipe culvert locations, most of which are at or beyond their expected 30-year service life. Addressing the 35 locations included in this contract will help the Department meet its performance measures related to number of bridges in fair or poor condition.
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