Ellendale Working Group - Purpose and Role

The Purpose and Role of the Ellendale Area Working Group is:

  1. To provide advice to DelDOT regarding transportation improvements needed along the US 113 corridor.
  2. To analyze and address the current needs and those that will arise over the next 20 years along the US 113 corridor.
  3. To coordinate transportation plans and improvements with the emerging Greater Ellendale Comprehensive Plan.

The role of the Group will be to assist DelDOT by providing input, making suggestions, reviewing alternatives, narrowing the range of alternatives and recommending the alternatives that will receive detailed study for their respective portion on the US 113. The Group will help in developing a consensus and gaining public comment and acceptance. It is anticipated that once decisions have been made, members of the Group may participate in advocating for the proposed improvement projects. The Working Group is one element of an extensive public and federal and state inter-agency involvement process.