Milford Working Group

February 24, 2004
5:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
Carlisle Fire Company Banquet Hall

5:30p.m. US 113 Video "The Time to Act is Now"  
6:00p.m. Working Group Member Self-Introductions Bob Kramer
6:10p.m. Welcome
  • Purpose and Role of Working Group (Tab 1)
Mike Simmons
Bob Stickels
Michael Petit de Mange
6:20p.m. Getting Organized
  • Introduction of Project Team (Tab 2)
  • Project Notebook
  • Working Group Calendar (Tab 1)
Monroe Hite, III
6:30p.m. Introduction of Working Group Guidelines (Tab 1) Bob Kramer
6:40p.m. Feedback from Stakeholder Listening Tour and Public Workshops (Tab 4) Bob Kramer
6:45p.m. Project Purpose and Need Monroe Hite, III
6:50p.m. Introduction of Draft Vision, Goals and Objectives Monroe Hite, III
7:00p.m. Break  
7:10p.m. Land Use Plans and Proposals Karen Brittingham
7:30p.m. Developing and Evaluating Alternatives Project Team
8:00p.m. DelDOT Initiatives in Kent and Sussex Counties Mike Simmons
8:10p.m. Study Schedule, Constraints Map, Next Steps (Tab 7) Monroe Hite, III
8:15p.m. Questions and Discussion Working Group
8:25p.m. Next Meeting Bob Kramer
8:30p.m. Adjourn