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State Elected Officials


Colin R. J. Bonini, 16th Senatorial Dist.
F. Gary Simpson, 18th Senatorial Dist.
George H. Bunting, Jr., 20th Senatorial Dist.
Robert L. Venables, 21st Senatorial Dist.


Peter C. Schwartzkopf, 14th Representative Dist.
G. Wallace Caulk, Jr., 33rd Representative Dist.
J. Benjamin Ewing, Jr., 35th Representative Dist.
V. George Carey, 36th Representative Dist.
Joseph W. Booth, 37th Representative Dist.
Gerald W. Hocker, 38th Representative Dist.

State Staff, Appointed Officials and Organizations

State Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO)

Dan Griffith

Delaware Nature Society

Michael Riska
Lori Denno

Office of State Planning Coordination

Connie Holland
Anne Marie Townshend
David Edgell

Delaware Economic Development Office

Lee Ann Walling, Deputy Assistant to the Director
Dan McNulty, Business Development Specialist

Department of Agriculture

Mike McGrath
Mark Davis

Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control ( DNREC )

John Hughes, Secretary

Delaware State Police

Lt. Michael Warrington, Troop 4, Georgetown
Capt. Daryl Mergenthaler, Troop 4, Georgetown
Lt. Mitch Cooper, Troop 4, Georgetown

Federal Officials

Federal Highway Administration

Bob Kleinburd

Sussex County Elected Officials

County Council

Lynn Rogers
Dale R. Dukes
George B. Cole
Finley B. Jones
Vance Phillips

Sussex County Staff & Appointed Officials

County Administrator

Robert Stickels

Planning and Zoning

Lawrence Lank, Director
Shane Abbott
Richard Kautz

Economic Development

Stephen T. Masten, Director

Emergency Services

Joseph L. Thomas, Director of Emergency Management
Glenn H. Luedtke, Director, Emergency Medical Services
Robert Stuart, Deputy Director, Emergency Medical Services

Planning and Zoning Commission

John L. Allen

Sheriff's Office

Robert Reed, Sheriff

School District Staff

Milford School District

Glen E. Stevenson, Transportation Supervisor
John W. Marinucci, Director of Operations/Transportation

Indian River School District

John G. Mitchell, Transportation Supervisor

Kent County Elected Officials

Levy Court Member

Jack Peterman

Kent County Staff & Appointed Officials

County Administrator

Bob Mcleod

Department of Planning Services

Michael J. Petit de Mange, Director

Municipal Elected & Appointed Officials



Richard Carmean - City Manager
E. Keith Hudson, Police Chief
Sgt. Steve Rust, Police Officer


Joseph "Ronnie" Rogers

Planning Commission

Randy E. Marvel, Chairman
Mark S. Mallamo

Historical Groups

F. Brook Clendaniel, President, Milford Historical Society
Chuck Hauser, Downtown Milford, Inc.
Don Abrutyn, Downtown Milford, Inc.
Chuck Stanko, Downtown Milford, Inc.
Skip (Michael) Pikus, Downtown Milford, Inc.

Local Businesses

I.G. Burton, I.G. Burton & Co.
Charlie Burton, I.G. Burton & Co.
Dean Geyer, Geyer's Restaurant
Stanley West, West Farms
Robert Burris, Burris Logistics
Fran and Ken Novac, small business owners


Charles Vanaman, Fire Chief, Carlisle Fire Company
Ronald Robbins, Farm Bureau
Connie Fox, Farm Bureau
Scott Adkisson


Town Council

Merrill Mitchell, President
Kim Hughes


Floyd Toomey, Police Chief


Harold L. Truxon, Community Civic Improvement Association



David Baird, Town Manager
William Topping, Police Chief


Ed Lester

Planning Commission

Sue Barlow, Chairperson

Historical Groups

Carlton Moore, Historic Georgetown Association
Wesley Jones, President, Georgetown Historical Society


Matt Gibbs, Georgetown Citizen
Lynda Messick President, Delaware National Bank
Joe Pepper, Chief, Georgetown Volunteer Fire Company
William Pepper
Harry Dukes, First State Poultry, Sussex County Airport Board
Harold Abbott
Dr. Ileana Smith, VP and Campus Director, Owens Campus, Del Tech
Guy Phillips, Farm Bureau
Harold Johnson, Farm Bureau



Faye G. Lingo, Town Manager
John Murphy, Police Chief


Joseph Brady

Town Council

John Thoroughgood

Historical Groups

Margaret Mitchell, Millsboro Historical Society


Lynn Bullock, President, Millsboro Volunteer Fire Company
Donald Collins, Farmer



S. Bradley Connor


Tom Glen, Fire Chief, Dagsboro Volunteer Fire Company


Town Council

Ronald Atherton, President
Robert Daisey

Planning and Zoning Commission

Charles Dismuke



Gary Taylor, Town Manager

Town Council

Jay C. Murray


Howard Pepper, Jr. President, Selbyville Volunteer Fire Company
Lloyd Behney, Chief, Selbyville Volunteer Fire Company
Raymond Moore, Sr.
Clifton Parker, Farmer
Henry Johnson, Farmer
Jim Bennett, Farmer

Fenwick Island

Town Council

Peter Frederick

Environmental Justice

First State Community Action Agency

Bernice Edwards, Acting Executive Director
Thea Becton

Hispanic Groups

La Esperanza

Allison Burris
Marissa C. VonVille

La Casita de Georgetown

Sister Margaret Giblin, Director


Al Chavez
Manuel Pavon
Irma Barriga, Hispanic Ministry, St. John the Apostle Roman Catholic Church

Native American

Nanticoke Indian Association

James "Tee" Norwood, Chief
Pecita Lone Wolf
Tran Norwood
William H. Davis

Interest Groups


Center for Inland Bays

Dr. Bruce Richards


Positive Growth Alliance

Rich Collins

Citizens Coalition

Mike Tyler


Millsboro / Dagsboro Chamber of Commerce

Joan Boyce, Executive Director

Milford Chamber of Commerce

Wyatt Hammond

Frankford/Selbyville Chamber of Commerce

Karen McGrath

Georgetown Chamber of Commerce

Lit Dryden, President

Motor Truck Association

Jack Taylor, Executive Director

Mountaire Farms of Delmarva

George Thornes, Transportation Manager, Selbyville
Bill Railhall, Transportation Manager, Millsboro
Roger Marino, Corp. Director of Public Relations

Perdue Farms Incorporated

Keith Moore
Danny Wilkens
James Daniels
Michael Levengood

Bayhealth Medical Center

Terry Feinour, Senior Vice President
Jerry Peters, Facilities Director

Sussex Association of Realtors

Debbie Costello, President
R. Carol Campbell-Hansen

Southern Delaware Tourism

Karen O'Neill, Executive Director


Marty Ross
Burt Messick

Major Property Owners

Melvin Joseph
George White, Townsends, Inc.
Preston "Pret" Dyer