Summary of Interviews and Workshops

The Project Team for the US 113 North/South Study has interviewed a wide cross-section of elected officials, community leaders, business owners and residents throughout the US 113 Corridor. A series of three public information workshops was held throughout the corridor. Below is a summary of the key themes and perceptions that have been expressed to date:

  • With the rapid pace of development and escalating land costs in the US 113 corridor, options for highway improvements will become fewer and more expensive with every month that goes by.
  • There are serious congestion and safety problems on east-west routes.
  • The impact of future highway improvements on existing businesses must be addressed.
  • If we don't act now, the US 113 corridor could end up with problems like those on Rt. 1 from Five Points to Rehoboth.
  • Extensive development is planned all along US 113 from north of Milford through Selbyville into Maryland. Therefore, it is important to look at the entire length of US 113 from north of Milford to the Maryland line.
  • Growth and development, on the one hand, and transportation and other public facilities, on the other hand, need to be planned and built with greater coordination. Development is way ahead of our highways.
  • Improvements to US 113 should be kept as close to current US 113 as possible to protect natural resources and farmland.
  • Different solutions need to be applied in different locations; for example, protecting the existing right-of-way, making intersection improvements, building overpasses and service roads, and widening existing or constructing new roads.
  • Members of the public have extensive and widely divergent ideas on what improvements are needed to address transportation issues in the US 113 corridor.
  • US 113 should serve the needs of the Delmarva Peninsula first and foremost and not become the preferred alternative for I-95 east coast travel.
  • Any US 113 transportation plan needs to reflect a balance in treating local, through and resort traffic.
  • Solving US 113 land use and transportation issues will require concerted actions by the towns, Kent and Sussex Counties and DelDOT.
  • A plan needs to be developed now that identifies and protects needed rights-of-way.
  • Once a US 113 plan of improvement has been decided on, we need to stick to it and follow through in a timely manner.
  • The towns and counties have expressed an interest in working closer together with DelDOT to address these issues