Georgetown Working Group

Georgetown Working Group
May 13, 2004
5:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
CHEER Community Center

4:00p.m. Project Field Tour Monroe Hite, III
Jeff Riegner
Joe Wutka
5:30p.m. Return to CHEER Community Center  
5:45p.m. Call Meeting to Order Bob Kramer
5:50p.m. Opening Remarks Monroe Hite, III
6:00p.m. Strategies for State Policies and Spending Update David Edgell
6:15p.m. Field Tour Recap / Brief Review of "On-Alignment" Concept(s) and Off Alignment Corridors Monroe Hite, III
Jeff Riegner
Joe Wutka
6:45p.m. Breakout Teams of 3 or 4 - Work Session Breakout Teams
Bob Kramer
7:45p.m. Breakout Teams Reports Breakout Teams/Bob Kramer
8:15p.m. Next Steps Monroe Hite, III
8:30p.m. Adjourn Bob Kramer