Milford Area

Overview (This site last updated April 29, 2010)

Extending north from Hudson Road south of Lincoln to the south end of the Frederica Bypass north of the City of Milford, the Milford area part of the US 113 North/South Study is 11.7 miles long and approximately 6.0 miles wide at its widest point. The Milford Area is the northernmost segment of the 4 part US 113 North/South Study.

Project Purpose

The purpose of the Milford Area project is to:

  • Preserve mobility and access for local residents and businesses
  • Accommodate economic growth in the Milford Area
  • Provide highway improvements that reduce congestion, decrease accidents, and accommodate anticipated growth in local, seasonal and through traffic

The goal is to identify, select and protect an alignment for a limited access highway that meets the future needs of local, seasonal and through traffic in a safe manner with limited property and environmental impacts.

Project Need

  • Travel time will increase by 70% on US 113 in the Milford Area between 2003 and 2030. It will take 8 times as long to turn left from US 113 at some locations without traffic signals
  • Traffic at 7 of 10 US 113 traffic signals will become congested by 2030 causing delays, safety problems, economic concerns and air quality deterioration
  • Considerable growth is planned for the Milford/Lincoln Area. It is not a matter of if this development will take place, but when and where it will occur
  • Kent County, Sussex County and the City of Milford Comprehensive Plans recognize the need to increase US 113 capacity