Georgetown Area

Alternatives/Maps (This site last updated April 30, 2014)

A series of On-alignment, East and West Bypass build alternatives and the No-build Alternative were evaluated as part of the Georgetown Area US 113 study. Of these alternatives the Refined On-alignment Alternative is the Recommended Preferred Alternative. The other alternatives were not carried forward because they did not meet the project purpose and need, lacked public support, were not consistent with local plans, or they would result in substantial environmental impacts. The No-build Alternative provided a baseline condition with which to compare the other evaluated alternatives.

The Refined On-alignment Alternative would:

  • Widen US 113 to provide an additional lane northbound and southbound
  • Grade separate interchanges at eight locations
  • Eliminate all traffic signals and unsignalized crossovers along US 113
  • Widen existing shoulders to 15 feet to maintain right-in/right-out turns for existing access and consolidate access points where possible

View the Georgetown Area Refined On-alignment Recommended Preferred Alternative

From the inception of the US 113 North/South Study, the Georgetown Area was part of the Georgetown-South Area geographic area (with Millsboro, Dagsboro, Frankford and Selbyville) and was to be included in one environmental document. In June 2008, the Georgetown-South Area was divided into the Georgetown Area and the Millsboro-South Area. This decision allows DelDOT to complete the necessary environmental documentation for the Georgetown Area in a more efficient and timely manner.