Project Limits:

The DelDOT maintenance yard in St. George’s; and on Lorewood Grove Rd beginning at the intersection of Rt. 1 South Exit ramp and extending to the intersection of Lane Rd (STA 800+86 to STA 818+29).

Project Need:

The Canal District is in need of an entire upgrade of the St. George’s Maintenance Yard with increased capabilities, including a Crew Operations Building, a Vehicle Maintenance Shop, a fuel station, and a wash pad. There is also the need for expansion of the yard size for the construction of two truck sheds and a salt barn, which are on a separate project. The minor modifications to Lorewood Grove Rd are associated with the improved and expanded maintenance yard.

Project Overview:

The current St. George’s Maintenance Yard will be completely renovated.

Project Schedule:

Design work has been completed.
Construction work to begin in October 2017.

Additional Comments:

This project anticipates very little impact to the public other than minor road modifications with no lane closures.