Project Limits;

This project covers the entire state of Delaware, focusing on abandoned or disused railroad corridors.

DelDOT has initiated this effort in response to public interest in developing off-road facilities for bicyclists and pedestrians for both transportation and recreation. Railroad rights-of-way have much potential as non-motorized facilities because they already exist, connect points of interest, and, in many cases, have historic value.

Project Start Date

June 2004.

Anticipated Completion Date:

July 2005.

Current Construction Schedule:

(not applicable) This is a planning study and any construction necessary to establish new rail-trails will be scheduled as separate projects following completion of this Master Plan.

Contractor & Cost:

Johnson, Mirmiran, and Thompson; $155,000.

Construction Details:

(not applicable - see note under Current Construction Schedule)

Detailed Description:

The Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) is conducting a planning study with the purpose of defining a priority list of potential Rail-to-Trail and Rail-with-Trail projects. This list would be used as a guide to coordinate construction of such off-road facilities with anticipated or existing bicycle routes, State Parks, greenways, land development, and points of interest.