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DelDOT Annual Project Awards for 2009


Georgetown Transit Hub

Project Description

The Transit Hub is located on RR property off North Railroad Ave. The hub is conveniently located in downtown Georgetown a couple of blocks from Town Hall and The Circle. DTC had maintained a Transit Hub at DelTech's Owens Campus for years and had paid to pave the DelTech parking lot to accommodate the buses. With little notice, DelTech informed DTC they needed to abandon their site and find a new location. With no ability to appeal the decision, DTC started their search for a new location. They had one year to locate and build a new Transit Hub or pull service from Sussex county. Finding a location would take the first 6 months. Once they found a location, they had only 6 months to design and build the Hub. The DTC team worked quickly and tirelessly to meet the deadline. No one would concede the loss of transit service in Sussex County. In the end, their efforts ensured the needs of riders were addressed and service was not interrupted. The new location is working and there is potential for enhancing the site in the future.

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