December 8th Public Workshop Summary and Path Forward

Public Workshop Summary

DelDOT hosted a public workshop on December 8th to present refined alternatives for improvements to the Mill Creek and Stoney Batter Road intersection.

Three primary alternatives were presented at the workshop. These alternatives included:

  • The previously proposed T-Intersection
  • The Raised T-Intersection
  • The Roundabout

Approximately 43 people attended the workshop. 31 comment forms were filled out at the workshop. Based on the comment forms that The Department received 75% of people identified the Roundabout Alternative as their preferred alternative for construction.

Path Forward

Based on the public feedback and review of the technical information, The Department will pursue the design and the implementation of the Roundabout Alternative. Based on this, The Department’s new timeline for the project is for construction to start by 2018.

Thank you again for your attendance at the public workshop and your participation in our design process.