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Becky Watts

Becky Watts

Employer: GPI, a consultant to DelDOT on this project; employed 5 years; previously worked with DelDOT for 31 years and Century Engineering for 16 years; collectively 52 years of work experience

Job Title:Administrative Assistant; Assistant Office Manager

Job Duties:

Provide administrative support to the project team on all matters of the contract administration.

Where are you from?

Dover, Delaware

Where do you live now?

Lewes, Delaware

What is something unique about your contribution to the project? I have extensive work experience, having worked in transportation planning, design, location studies, and now construction. This job completes the circle of my work experience.

Quote: "This design-build contract is a new experience for me which is exciting."

Other Comments? "I really enjoy the group of people I work with on this project."