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Everardo "Ever" Velasquez

Ever Velasquez

Employer: Skanska USA Civil Southeast, Inc.; employed 1 year

Job Title: Laborer

Job Duties:

Cut off test and production piles, set form work in place, tie rebar and assist with pouring concrete

From where do you originate?


Where do you live now?

Dover, Delaware

Favorite part of working on IRIB project? This job gives me the opportunity to stay busy, and I like what I do.

What do you uniquely bring to this project? I was the second person Skanska hired once they mobilized to the site; I'm teaching other employees to speak Spanish; Enjoying being a team player.

Quote: "I'm proud to be a Delawarean building this bridge for future Delawareans to use. It is going to be a good bridge."

Any other comments about your job, your company, being in Delaware, etc? I really enjoy the team work and the way Skanska accepts my ideas when I make a suggestion.