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Tina Shockley

Tina Shockley

Employer: DelDOT; employed for 9 years

Job Title:Community Relations Officer

Where are you from?

Dover, DE

Where do you live now?

Greenwood, DE

What special skills do you bring to the project?

Having worked on various DelDOT projects in Sussex County, I'm familiar with the people, businesses and issues that arise on construction projects. My 10+ years working in public relations, my interpersonal skills, as well as my knowledge of the project allow me to effectively communicate the fascinating aspects of this project.

What's your favorite part of working on this project? Realizing and capitalizing on the opportunity to educate the general public and Delaware's young people about the unique, technical and complex task of bridge building. Equally important is being a key player and working with a knowledgeable and cooperative project team.