Bridge Replacement  Reference Documents
The following documents are part of the Indian River Inlet Bridge Replacement section and are provided to potential contractors as part of the RFP process.

Reference Documents - Table of Contents

As-Built Drawings

Sheeting As-Builts
Sheeting Shop Drawings
MSE Dry Wall As-Built Drawings
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Design Charettes
Final Environmental Assessment and Nationwide Section 4(f) Evaluation
Geotechnical Data
Preconstruction Data (Roadway and Approaches)
Post-Construction Data (Roadway and Approaches)

The following Reports and Files are only available via written request to John V. Eustis, Jr.  This page will open your email client
  • Embankment Monitoring Data for Contract #23-073-03 (Roadway Approaches)
  • CPT Soundings - October 2006
  • SPT Borings - November 2006
  • SPT and CPT Data - May 2007
  • SPT and CPT Data - December 2007

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