Partners and Recognition
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A project of this scope requires an enormous amount of participation from engineers, project designers, environmentalists, federal and state agencies, contractors, consultants, and the general public. During the peak-construction period, nearly 300 men and women worked together to make this bridge a reality.

Members of the general public were active participants in the bridge's design and construction, playing a key role in establishing the project goals and determining many of the finishing touches for the bridge. They remained highly engaged throughout the project and exhibited patience and understanding as the bridge reached completion.

Thousands of visitors to the project, including many local teachers and students from across the state, were able to gain a better understanding of the engineering and construction skills needed to build a cable-stay bridge. Hopefully, some of these visitors will be inspired to become the bridge builders of the future.

While there were many more entities involved, the following list represents the key partners in the project. Each partner played a crucial role in ensuring that this landmark bridge became a reality, and each deserves thanks and praise for their contributions to the legacy of the Indian River Inlet Bridge.
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This exhibit was researched, designed, and fabricated in partnership with the Federal Highway Administration, the Delaware Department of Transportation, and the Delaware Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs.
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