FAQs  Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the construction schedule for the Indian River Inlet Bridge project?

Q. Can I go on a site tour of the job site?
A: Yes, site tours are available on a limited basis (as not to impact bridge construction activity). Please contact DelDOT's Office of Public Relations at 302.760.2080 for more information.

Q. How can I get involved and learn more about the Indian River Inlet Bridge project?
A: : There are several ways to learn more about the bridge construction:
  • Attend one of our Construction Advisory Group meetings. Meetings are usually held the last Monday of each month at the DelDOT Field Office.
  • Contact DelDOT's Office of Public Relations at 302.760.2080 with general questions
  • Attend public workshops that will be held throughout the project to update the public.


Q. I want to learn about how the bridge is being constructed. Does DelDOT have any opportunities for educating the public about the bridge construction?
A: Yes. DelDOT is currently exploring many educational opportunities via local colleges, universities and schools. More information will be available in the coming months, or check Bridge Education for more information.

Q. Is the new Indian River Bridge Design similar to the bridge over the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal on Route 1 in New Castle County?
A: It will be similar in appearance, given that they are both cable stay bridges, but the Indian River Inlet Bridge is unique in that it will have no supports in the inlet to allow for scouring (which is a common problem with existing bridge). In addition, the Indian River Bridge will include a set of stays on each outside edge of the bridge while the Roth Bridge over the C&D Canal has a single set of stays down the centerline of the bridge.

Q. What design features options were chosen as a result of the public voting?
A: Color of Cable Stays will be blue; Pylon Tops will be slanted with railing; Pedestrian Light Fixture will be the Nautical design.

Q. What is the cost to build the bridge and how is it broken down?
A: The bridge is being funding 80% by the federal government (Federal Highway Administration) and 20% by the State of Delaware (thru DelDOT Transportation Trust Funds). The total cost of the Design Build contract is $149,970,400.00.

Q. What is a design build contract, and why was it chosen for this bridge
construction project?

A: A design build contract allows for one contractor to design, construct and inspect the bridge structure in one contract rather than multiple contracts. This saves time and money.

Q. What makes this bridge unique and significant?
A: It's a design-build project - A design build contract allows for one contractor to design, construct and inspect the bridge structure in one contract rather than multiple contracts. This saves time and money. In addition, it is the rare opportunity for this generation to see a cable stay bridge of this size and magnitude being built. It will be a signature bridge for the East Coast, and certainly Delaware. It is also the largest single contract DelDOT has ever awarded in its 90+ year history. It's also one of the few Design Build contracts DelDOT has undertaken.

Q. What are some interesting facts and figures about the bridge?
A: These are just a few of the interesting aspects of the bridge:
  • bridge is 2,600 feet long
  • 900 feet clear span over the inlet
  • supports placed outside the waterway (avoids scouring issue existing on current bridge)
  • 2,100 feet of bridge decking over land
  • 45 feet above water (clearance for boats)
  • 291 concrete pilings - each piling is approximately 110-118 feet long and weighs 50-60 tons
  • 22,700 miles of wire will be present in the finished bridge (the equivalent of driving from Rehoboth Beach to Los Angeles and back four times)
  • 2 - 12 foot wide travel lanes in each direction
  • 2 - 10 foot outside shoulders in each direction
  • 2 - 4 foot wide inside shoulders in each direction
  • 1 - 12 foot wide sidewalk on the east (ocean) side


Q. Is the current bridge safe?
A: Yes the current bridge is safe. It is the most monitored bridge in the state, having both structural and underwater inspections at least annually.

Q. What other work is occurring in this area and when?
A: Bridge Approaches and Bridge Demolition, as well as Park Enhancements will all be occurring in the area in the near future.

Q. Who is building the new bridge?
A: Skanska USA Civil Southeast, Inc., an international company originally based in Sweden has been awarded the contract to build the bridge. They were awarded the project because they had the highest technical score, shortest construction schedule, and lowest price. They are being supported by four major subcontractors in various areas of the project. They include
  • Interlock Steel Workers Inc, - Reinforcement Steel
  • PB America's Inc, - Quality Control
  • Freyssinet, LLC, - Stay Cable
  • AECOM - Design


Q. How long will the new bridge last?
A: The bridge is being designed to have a lifespan of over 100 years.

Q. Why do we need a new bridge to be built?

Q. What are the challenges with this project?
A: Having a design-build project means that the construction process is concurrent or parallel with the design process. While the fluidity of the design is a normal occurrence, the construction team must be ready to adapt to final design changes to keep up with the schedule. As the construction of the bridge progresses, tracking and minimizing quantity escalation with progressing design, extreme weather conditions and market price deviations are all challenges that the construction team face.

Q. What type of bridge is being built?
A: Signature stay cable bridge with total bridge length of 2,600 LF across the Indian River Inlet in the middle of Delaware Seashore State Park. Four Pylon tower, suspension bridge design that incorporates cast in place concrete, epoxy coated reinforcement steel producing four traffic lanes and a pedestrian walkway.

Q. How much concrete will be used in the bridge?
A: 35,000 cubic yards of concrete will be poured at the structure, enough to fill a football stadium 21 feet deep with concrete.

Q. How much reinforced steel will be used in the bridge?
A: 6,000,000 pounds of reinforcement steel

Q. What types of equipment are being used on this job?
  • Two 300ton Manitowoc 2250Crawler Cranes
  • Two Bauer Drilling Riggs BG 24
  • Two 217,000 Lbs/Ft HHK 205 Junttan hydraulic Pile Driving hammers
  • Two Potain 415 Tower Cranes
  • One Junntan PM20 Pile Rig w/ Junntan HHK 7S Hyd Hammer
  • One Manitowoc 3900 W Crawler Crane
  • One Terex HC150 Crawler Crane