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David Duke

David Duke

Employer: State of Delaware/DOT; worked 28 years

Job Title: Project Resident

Job Duties:

Oversight Quality Control and Quality Assurance of all construction operations


Wife Vickie of 29 years, daughter Amber, son Andrew, and three grandchildren, Austin, Corey, Aubree

Where do you originate?

Dover, Delaware

Where do you live now? Ellendale, Delaware

Favorite part of working on IRIB project? The engineering challenges that takes place during the construction of a signature bridge

What do you uniquely bring to this project? Experience of construction inspection from the Roth (C & D Canal) Bridge and 28 years of construction experience and project management

Quote: "My job is to insure the taxpayers of the United States and Delaware are provided with a bridge that is built to the standards of the specification"

Any other comments about your job, your company, being in Delaware, etc? This is a once in a lifetime project, and I've had the opportunity to take part in the construction of two cable stay bridges in Delaware.