Who's Building The Bridge Archive
Eleanore Donch

Eleanore Dunch

Employer: Skanska USA Civil Southeast, Inc.; employed 4 months

Job Title:Laborer

Job Duties:

General housekeeping on the site, inventory of field materials, work with small equipment, assist with the details of a process; monitor quantities of yard materials; assist with construction operations.

From where do you originate?

Connecticut and New York

Where do you live now?

Ocean View, Delaware

Favorite part of working on IRIB project? The people. I really work with a great group of people. I also want to see what the bridge looks like when it's finished.

What do you uniquely bring to this project? Patience. I have the patience to do some jobs that others do not. I have great organizational skills, and I have previous experience working in other fields which helps me here.

Quote: "I'm working with the hardest workers I've ever met."

Any other comments about your job, your company, being in Delaware, etc? This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I'm not going to give it up for anything.