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Michael Donaway

Michael Donaway

Employer: GPI, a consultant to DelDOT on this project; employed 10 years

Job Title:Survey Party Chief (surveyor)

Job Duties:

Verify locations of all parts of bridge structure; check placements before and after concrete pours, double check contractor work for compliance with contract; tracking; survey work site for overall placement of bridge structures.

Where are you from?

Wheaton, Maryland

Where do you live now?

Lewes, Delaware

Favorite part about working on the project? Location, location, location - I'm an avid fisherman, so this is a dream work location for me.

What is something unique about your contribution to the project? I have a great deal of experience in high accuracy monitoring, including several metro projects. These skills are very useful on this project.

Quote: "I can't wait to see what the bridge will look like lit up at night!"