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Rhonda Cannon

Rhonda Cannon

Employer: Skanska USA, Civil Southeast, Inc.; employed 3 months

Job Title:Carpenter Trainee

Job Duties: Working on a variety of carpentry projects in support of the work that is being done with the steel and concrete on the job site.

Where are you from?? Frankford, DE

Do you still live there? Yes

Favorite Part of Working on this Project ? The diversity of the people working on the project and the regular paycheck.

What is something unique about your contribution to the project? My family has been involved in construction for a long time in the Fenwick Island area. I've come to this job with a lot of previous construction experience.

Quote: "I can't believe that I'm one of the people who will have the opportunity to not only work on this bridge, but to stay in the area and use it each day."