Archive  Lane Restrictions / SR 1 Detours and Pedestrian/Bicycle Detours During Construction

Lane Restrictions and SR 1 Detours
As of April 20, 2006, all travel lanes (2 lanes north and 2 lanes south) on SR 1 are open for use. This lane configuration will remain in effect until the new bridge is open to traffic (expected late in 2010).

The access to the Indian River Inlet Marina and the Delaware State Seashore Park’s North RV Lot and North Day-Use Parking Lot has been relocated 2000' to the north. Full access from both northbound and southbound SR 1 is available in this area.

The access to the South RV lot and Road 50A / South Shore Marina Development has been relocated about 650' to the south. The access is accessible from northbound and southbound SR 1. Visitors and residents leaving South Shore Marina or the South RV lot who wish to travel northbound on SR 1 must follow a short detour south on SR 1 to the 3 R’s crossover.

Access to the South Day-Use Parking Lot and the bathhouse on the southeast side of the inlet is available from northbound SR 1. To access this area from southbound SR 1, follow the signs to the 3 R’s median crossover and u-turn to the northbound lanes. The access road on the south side of the inlet beneath the existing bridge is closed to vehicular traffic.

Pedestrian Access
Pedestrians who are traveling from Dewey Beach, Bethany Beach, or are visitors in the State Park must follow the posted pedestrian detours on the north and south side of the inlet. (click here for detour )

Pedestrian access to the beach from the “bay side” of the park is available on both the north and south sides of the inlet via the posted pedestrian detour. It is intended that pedestrian access will be available for the majority of the construction of the roadway approaches and the bridge. Temporary closures may be needed for overhead work due to safety reasons.

Pedestrian access across the existing bridge is available by using the existing stairs on the ocean side of the bridge.

Although pedestrian access is maintained throughout the park area, visitors are reminded that active construction will be occurring at the same time. Visitors are advised to use extreme caution while walking through the site and to stay on the posted detour route.

Maps of the pedestrian detour routes are available at the DNREC office located adjacent to the Life Saving Station Museum, located just north of the Inlet.

Bicycle Access
For bike riders that are traveling between the Rehoboth / Dewey area and the Bethany / Fenwick area, a 5' wide designated bike area is available through the construction zone on both northbound and southbound SR 1.

The access road beneath the existing bridge on the south side of the inlet is closed to vehicular traffic. Northbound riders who typically used the area beneath the bridge to turnaround and head southbound should utilize the 3R’s median crossover that is located on SR 1 south of the inlet.

Cyclists are cautioned to watch for large vehicles, car mirrors, etc. since the vehicle travel lanes through the construction zone have been narrowed to 11’ wide. Also, there are areas where the bike lane crosses merging traffic from the park.