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Indian River Inlet Bridge

February 2007 IRIB Public Update Material
First Snowfall at the Inlet
First Snowfall at the Inlet
Northern Right Whales at the Inlet
Northern Right Whales at the Inlet
The new traffic pattern in the vicinity of the Inlet will remain in place until construction of the new bridge is completed, currently expected to be in late 2010.
Pond is complete and has an animal exclusion fence installed to protect vegetation from being damaged until sufficient growth can be established. Estimated removal is December 2007.

The pond was completed except for final seeding and minor grading work, which will occur during the specified planting window of April-May 2007.

west: pond planting has begun.

Pond is incomplete until material used as the bridge approach surcharge can be removed and placed into the existing pond to construct the pond per plan. The area completed (+/- 75%) has been surveyed and temporarily seeded until completion can occur (estimated May 2007).

East: pond completion is scheduled for Spring 2010.

This approach is currently at elevation 45.5 feet and work is progressing toward the final surcharge elevation of 51.0 feet. After the embankment is constructed to the final surcharge elevation, the embankment will sit for approximately 6 months while the subsoil settlement is completed. After settlement is completed the surcharge will be removed to final roadway elevation, the drainage system will be installed and the MSE Wall concrete facing will be constructed.

South Roadway Approach in Progress.

This approach is currently at elevation 51.0 feet, which is the surcharge elevation. The a The embankment will sit for approximately 5 months while the subsoil settlement is completed (est. May 07). After settlement is completed the surcharge will be removed to final roadway elevation, the drainage system will be installed and the MSE Wall concrete facing will be constructed. (The picture below is of the men and women responsible for the embankment construction, and of the completed northern embankment looking to the northeast.)

North Roadway Approach

The team responsible for the embankment construction

The Department continues to move forward with the Design-Build approach for the new bridge design and construction. By August 16th, 2006, the Department had received Statements of Qualifications (SOQ’s) from prospective Design-Build teams. After reviewing the qualifications of each submitter, the Department has "Short-Listed" the following three (3) joint venture teams:

Kiewit and Bilfinger/Berger
PCL Civil Constructors, Inc. and Buckland & Taylor, Ltd.
Walsh Northeast Corporation and Traylor Brothers, Inc.

The short-listed teams were issued a formal Request For Proposals (RFP) package in which they were asked to submit Final Technical Proposals by the end of January 2007 and Price Proposals by February 2007. The bid opening for the contract was held on February 23, 2007. Award of the contract is anticipated by Spring 2007. The start of bridge construction activities will be dependant on the successful Design-Builder’s proposal, but is expected to occur during 2007. The required completion date for the bridge is September 30, 2010 at which time the first traffic is expected to be on the new bridge.

Below is a rendering that will resemble the final wall design for the approaches. The bottom is similar to a weathered plank timber finish that will cover the bottom 16’ of the walls. The remainder will have a slate or sand like texture to give depth to the wall instead of a smooth concrete surface. This design will be low maintenance and very cost effective for the State of Delaware while offering simple elegance to the surrounding beauty of the Delaware shore. Both DNREC (Delaware Department of Natural Resources & Environmental Control) and DelDOT (Delaware Department of Transportation) Secretaries have approved the design. These will be constructed when the settlement time period is up for the approaches.

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Public Meeting (Notice)
The Public Meeting originally scheduled for 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday March 13, 2007 has been rescheduled for 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday April 10, 2007. Please make note of this change.
s of the Indian River Inlet Bridge pedestrian access and cyclist routes are now available at Hard copy s are available at the Indian River Life Saving Station/DNREC Park Offices located on northbound Route 1, one mile north of the Indian River Bridge. Those interested may also obtain the s from the DelDOT Public Relations Office located in the Department administration building at 800 Bay Road, in Dover. The s feature the available parking and camping areas, the pedestrian detour, fishing access areas, and the bicycle route.

The Indian River Inlet Bridge Project Web site, will be updated throughout the Project construction with progress information and construction pictures. For any questions or comments, call DelDOT Public Relations, 302-760-2080, or toll free, 1-800-652-5600.

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