Project Limits

I-95 and SR 896 Interchange

Project Need

The I-95/SR896 Interchange experiences congestion in the peak hours, along with accidents during different times of the day. Improvements at the interchange to address these and other related issues have been discussed for many years as traffic has increased.

Project Overview

The proposed improvements would include ramp realignments and other geometric improvements to address congestion and safety on both I-95 and SR896.

Project Timeline:

We are still in the preliminary stages of our project development process. A public workshop was held on December 5, 2017. Thank you to all who were able to attend! We will solicit comments for a 30 day time period. We are hoping to announce a preferred alternative by the end of Summer 2018 and we will begin design.

Public Workshop:

We had a very successful public workshop on December 5, 2017 with over 120 people in attendance! For those who were unable to attend, below are copies of the boards that were shown. We have 3 different alternatives that will address the purpose and need of the project. Update: We are currently reviewing the comments that were received at the workshop and those that were sent in during the comment period. Thank you to those who gave their input! We are hoping to present the preferred alternative this Spring 2018!

(Reviewed and Updated on 07/23/2018)