Delaware Municipalities

Local Highway Finance Report (FHWA-536) is part of the Highway Statistics report that is required by the Federal Highway Administration from all states. For the State of Delaware, this report is required biennially for odd-numbered data years. The last report was submitted in 2006 for the Fiscal Year 2005. This report reflects roadway expenditures against revenues for all of Delaware's fifty-seven municipalities.

Important factors that reflect the financial condition of the state's municipalities include Municipal Street Aid, highway law enforcement expenditures, safety expenditures, and local highway debt status.

According to the latest Census data, the State of Delaware is among the top ten population growth states in the country. With the explosive growth in population, Delaware's municipalities may find a need to increase the funding for local as well as Home Land Security needs. This report will serve as a good historical indicator to determine future financial needs at both the state and local levels

The Highway Finance Reports for both the State of Delaware and for municipalities are shown via the links below for the fiscal year 2005.