Project Name:

BR 1-424A on N424 Old Corbit Road, East of Odessa

Project Limits:

400 feet north and south of bridge

Project Need:

BR 1-424A was initiated through the New Castle Conservation District in an effort to raise the road above the high tide. The current roadway is sinking due to the highly compressible soils below grade. Currently, the high tide overtops the road twice a day, making the road impassable.

Project Overview

The Department's preferred solution is to permanently close Old Corbit Road and construct turn-around around areas on each side of the creek. We are currently accepting comments on this proposed plan. The comment form can be found with the Public Workshop information at the link on the right side of the page.

Project Timeline

Design Phase:

  • Design work suspended due to lack of funding.

Construction Phase:

  • Construction date TBD.

Additional Information:

A Public Workshop was held on March 27,2017. Information can be found at the link on the right side of the page.

(Reviewed and updated on 04/02/2017)