Project Limits:

Approximately 300 feet south and north of the bridge along Paper Mill Road.

Project Need:

The bridge consists of one 121" x 77" aluminum pipe arch. There are significant perforations along the pipe and a large erosion hole. Due to the structure's diminishing structural integrity, the existing pipe has been deemed structurally deficient by the Pontis Bridge Management System and ranked 77th in DelDOT's 2013 Bridge Deficiency Ranking. Therefore, a project has been initiated to replace this structure.

Project Overview:

This project involves the replacement of a corrugated aluminum pipe with an HDPE pipe. Also, an additional smooth steel pipe will be placed adjacent to the existing pipe's location in order to create a separate passage for cyclists. Additional improvements shall include approach roadways work, placing rip-rap in the stream for scour protection, and reconstructing guardrail as needed. The work shall be performed under a full road closure with a detour.

Project Timeline:

Design Phase:

Design work to be completed no later than Summer, 2018.

Construction Phase:

Construction work to be completed Spring, 2019.

Additional Comments:

As part or Middle Run Valley Park's bike trail system, there is a bike trail that rides through this pipe. This portion of the bike route will be temporarily closed during the construction of this project.

(Reviewed and updated on 8/22/2017)