Project Limits:

Approximately 200 feet on both sides of the bridge along with the dam spillway and training walls.

Project Need:

The spillway and training walls were damaged due to scour during heavy rains in late September 2016. The spillway and training walls have bowed outward. Deep scour holes have eroded adjacent to these sheet pile walls causing them to lose support from embedment.

Spillway Image

Project Overview:

Rehabilitation of BR 3-349 and the replacement of the Trussum Pond spillway and training walls. In addition, scour protection will be placed and any undermining of the foundation will be underpinned. The spillway currently has no way to control the water level in the pond so an outlet structure will be added.

Project Timeline:

Design was completed in the summer of 2018. Design includes right-of-way acquisition for one parcel and environmental permit approvals.

Construction will begin in mid-December 2018 and take approximately 5 months to complete.


The roadway will have to be closed and traffic detoured during construction.

(Reviewed and Updated on 11/26/2018)