Project Limits:

Approximately 300 feet north and 200 feet south of the bridge

Project Need:

BR 2-357P is a pedestrian bridge built in the 1960's and is in very poor condition. The bridge has been closed since Spring 2012, and there are no plans to allow public use on the side of the river adjacent to the Dover Air Force Base. As such, it is in the public's best interest to permanently remove the bridge.

Project Overview:

The existing bridge shall be removed in its entirety and shall not be replaced with a new bridge. The two-girder steel superstructure, timber decking/rails, timber piers, and stone/concrete foundation of the existing bridge shall be removed. Riprap shall be placed to address scour issues, and channel work shall be performed upstream and downstream to stabilize the channel and stream slopes.

Project Timeline:

Design Phase:

Design work to be completed April 2016.

Construction Phase:

Construction work to be completed at end of Fall 2016.