Project Limits:

Approximately 200 feet north and south of the bridge along Lake Front Drive.

Project Need

This bridge consists of one corrugated metal pipe arch. There is significant corrosion at the waterline with 100% section loss at several locations throughout the pipe arch. The existing pipe arch is structurally deficient and was selected by the Pontis Bridge Management System for work. It has a sufficiency rating of 62.8 and was ranked 69th in the 2014 DelDOT Bridge Deficiency List.

Project Overview:

This project involves sliding two 5’-6” diameter steel-reinforced high density polyethylene pipes into the existing corrugated metal pipe. It will allow Lake Front Drive to remain open to traffic, and will require placing riprap for scour protection downstream. Reconstructing the approaches will be performed as necessary. Work will be performed under a partial road closure.

Project Timeline:

Design Phase:

Design work completed no later than May 2016

Construction Phase:

Construction work to be completed in the winter of 2017.

Additional Comments:

This project requires extensive coordination with the railroad as well as utility companies.