Project Limits:

Approximately 200 feet south and 200 feet north of the bridge

Project Need:

Bridge 2-050A is reaching the end of its service life. There are spalls along the bottom flanges of beams, and one beam is completely exposed. This bridge is in dire need of scour protection. A life cycle cost analysis showed that a rehab project for the bridge is not as effective as a total bridge replacement.

Project Overview:

Replace the existing steel I beams encased in concrete at BR 2-050A. The replacement structure will be concrete box beams on pile supported stub abutments. Riprap will be placed for scour protection. Install guardrail and reconstruct approaches as necessary. The work will be performed under a full road closure.

Project Timeline:

Design Phase:

Design work to be completed no later than the Summer of 2018.

Construction Phase:

Construction work to be begin in the Spring of 2019.