Virtual Workshop

Bridge 1-111 & 1-599 on N253 Benge Road over Red Clay Creek and Mill Race

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Welcome to the Delaware Department of Transportation's virtual workshop. The goals of the virtual workshop format are to make it easier for the public to view the project information and to reduce the costs involved in traditional public workshops. This is a workshop regarding rehabilitation of Bridge 1-111 & 1-599 on N253 Benge Road over Red Clay Creek and Mill Race. Bridge 1-111 & 1-599 has been identified by DelDOT’s bridge management system as being in need of repair. The bridge is located in Northern Delaware near the Pennsylvania state line on Benge Road over Red Clay Creek.

[Bridge Photos] The project consists of a simple span structure that utilizes 5 prestressed concrete girders supported by abutments with wingwalls. Due to the deteriorating condition of the top roadway wearing surface along with various spalls (sections missing concrete due to deterioration, see photo 7 for example of spalling) and cracks in the concrete deck, the deck of the bridge is in need of replacement. Although the bridge can currently carry the load of the normal traffic, the deteriorating condition of the deck classifies it as structurally deficient and warrants its replacement.

[Construction Plan] As seen on the plan sheet, DelDOT is proposing to replace the existing deck with a deck of similar overall dimensions to aid in the replacement process. The deck is designed to meet the needs of the current and anticipated traffic for Benge Road. Additional work at the site will include the installation of new bridge barriers along with improvements to the roadway extending a distance of approximately 150 feet south and 100 feet north of the bridge. Roadway improvements will also extend onto Auburn Mill Road. Work will also include repairs to the damaged abutments and wingwalls (bridge support system) along with stream remediation under bridge 1-599 on Mill Race which is located approximately 180 feet north of the primary deck replacement project.

[Bridge Plan, Section, and Elevation] In keeping with the Department's mission that includes providing "a safe, efficient, and environmentally sensitive transportation network…" DelDOT is proposing the replacement of the deck and barriers for Bridge 1-111 along with the stream remediation for the Mill Race. To keep with the aesthetically pleasing drive through Northern Delaware along Benge Road, DelDOT is proposing a barrier lined with stone as opposed to a simpler and less appealing alternative. A galvanized guardrail system will extend to the north and south of the bridge to aid in the driver’s safety during the approach and departure from the bridge.

[Detour Plan] Due to the nature of the work associated with the project and DelDOT’s commitment to safety of the public, a portion of the roadway will be closed for the duration of the project. As can be seen on the Detour Plan, motorists heading northeast on Benge Road will be directed down Meeting House Road onto Old Wilmington Road followed by Yorklyn Road and finally, depending on the final destination of the driver, left onto Creek Road northbound, just north of the bridge, or straight through the intersection towards southbound Creek Road. Drivers commuting from north of the Benge Road intersection with Meeting House Road will be directed from the area of Auburn Mill Road, south on to Lee Road to the intersection Benge Road and Meeting House road mentioned above and then directed to follow the same detour. To accommodate local residents of the area, traffic on Benge Road east of Meeting House Road and traffic on Auburn Mill Road will be closed only to through traffic helping to mitigate any delays caused by the detour.

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