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Project Progress

Establishing a Vision for a Bicycle-Friendly Delaware

Status: Complete - Public workshops were held in late February and early March (2017) to gather input from the public regarding their vision and goals for a more bicycle-friendly state. That input, plus feedback from hundreds of public surveys and the project working group guided development of the vision:
Everyone in Delaware has front-door access to a bicycle network that is safe, comfortable, and conveniently connected to places people want to go. A seamlessly integrated transportation and land use decision-making process, with many partners working together, encourages a culture where people choose bicycling in their daily lives for transportation, recreation, and improved health.

Establishing Key Principles and Goals

Status: In Progress — using the feedback from the public workshops, surveys, and wikimap, the project working group is developing key principles and goals to guide the plan.
The draft key principles and goals emphasize: safety, connected bicycling network, culture that supports bicycling, clear processes and coordination.