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Plan Completed

Completed May, 2018 - Final Plan

Project Limits:

This project covers the entire state. DelDOT is interested in encouraging bicycle and improving bicycle safety throughout Delaware

Project Need:

The purpose of this project is to develop and adapt adopt policy-oriented master plan that will help make Delaware more bicycle friendly. Four key purposes of this project include:

  • Integrated broad bicycle goals of agencies and major stakeholder groups into a unified strategic plan
  • Identifying and promoting the many effects already underway to enhance and encourage bicycling in Delaware
  • Ensuring the progress toward a more bicycle-friendly state is maintained, and
  • Ensuring that all of the Department’s efforts make bicycling safer, more comfortable, more convenient
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Project Overview:

DelDOT is a central leader and coordinator of bicycle-related policy, programs, and infrastructure. Currently no such plan exists and there is a recognized need to focus and formally coordinate the widespread efforts toward making Delaware more bicycle friendly. This statewide plan will work with stakeholders and the public to establish a vision for bicycling in Delaware and to propose solutions to identify key issues in an effort to make bicycling safe, convenient, efficient, and comfortable. Some possible outcomes of this process include: revisions to the design manual that would, for example, enable certain types of facilities that are not authorized currently under Delaware policy; improved coordination toward shared goals among the divers stakeholders; increased clarity and transparency in bicycle facility planning and development processes; and better measurement and evaluation programs. The final product will be a Statewide Bicycle Policy Plan.