Advisory Council on Pedestrian Awareness and Walkability
Trish Roberts Office of Highway Safety and Homeland Security
Brad Killian Delaware Greenways
Tonda Parks American Heart Association of Delaware
John Rendle American Lung Association of Delaware
Steve Borleske Civic Association in New Castle County
Carl Solberg Homeowners Association in Kent County
Gary Emory Civic Association in Sussex County
Dan Bockover Council of Civic Organization of Brandywine Hundred
Chris Asay Physical Activity Advocate in Kent County
Mike Tyler Sussex Cyclists
Chris McEvilly Wilmington Metropolitan Area Planning Council
Nicholas DiPasquale Dover - Kent County Metropolitan Planning Organization
Don Mulrine Delaware League of Local Governments
Wayne Carter Architectural Accessibility Board
Milton Daves Physically Disabled Citizen
Lloyd Schmitz Elderly Disabled Transit Advisory Committee
Matt Chesser Delaware Natural Resources and Environmental Control - Division of Parks and Recreation
Anthony Aglio Delaware Department of Transportation - Division of Planning
Technical Advisory Committee
Linda Osiecki Delaware Department of Transportation
Mark Alexander Delaware Department of Transportation - Management and Operation
Marc Cote Delaware Department of Transportation - Planning
Anthony Aglio Delaware Department of Transportation - Planning
Greg Oliver Delaware Department of Transportation - Policy
Don Weber Delaware Department of Transportation - Traffic
John Dewar Federal Highway Administration
Darlene Cole Delaware Health and Social Services - Visually Impaired Training
Cindy Genau University of Delaware Cooperative Extension
Fred Bruckelman Delaware Department of Health
Ron Love Delaware Department of Education
Doris Pudlo AstraZeneca Pharmaceutical - Transportation Specialist
Cathy Dennis DART First State
Connie Holland Office of State Planning
Steve Lefabvre Home Builders Association of Delaware
Roger Roy Delaware Transportation Management Association