Project Limits

This project covers the entire state of Delaware as DelDOT is interested in determining a plan for accommodating pedestrian travel statewide.

Project Need

As part of the implementation of the Livable Delaware Initiative, Governor Ruth Ann Minner signed into effect Executive Order No. 83 on March of 2006. The purpose of this order is to develop, adopt, and implement a Statewide Pedestrian Plan. This plan will address and propose solutions to identified key issues in an effort to make walking a safe, convenient, efficient and comfortable means of transportation. Currently no such plan exists and there is a recognized need to lay the groundwork for the provision of pedestrian infrastructure along state maintained roadways.

Project Overview

DelDOT is in the process of developing its statewide pedestrian action plan. The development of this plan is part of an ongoing process with an emphasis on achieving the vision of making walking central to personal mobility and fitness. The plan is being developed in recognition of the pedestrian as an important transportation customer.

In Phase I, a policy analysis document was produced. This document includes an analysis of the benefits of walking, concerns and issues related to pedestrian mobility, and an overview of the policies, regulations, and practices at the federal, state, county, and municipal levels. The policy analysis also includes recommendations such as a vision statement to achieve walkability with plan goals and objectives.

Phase II of the plan development process includes an establishment of baseline conditions for characteristic areas across the state through observation of pedestrian activity, as well as identification of safety and land use development issues. Phase II will also include technical analysis to support changes to policies, procedures and regulations necessary to accomplish specific goals and objectives outlined in the Policy Analysis Document.

The final phase, Phase III, will include systematic implementation consisting of a facilities inventory and a phased Transition Plan. The key to the success of this phase will be the collaboration with the Advisory Council on Pedestrian Awareness and Walkability and Technical Advisory Committee. Collaboration with other planning and implementation partners will include MPO's, Counties, Towns, Cities, interest groups and the public at large.

Project Start Date

January, 2007

Anticipated Completion Date

December, 2008

Current Construction Schedule

(not applicable) This is a planning study and any construction necessary to establish the pedestrian infrastructure will be scheduled as a separate project following completion of this plan.


Johnson, Mirmiran, & Thompson