Project Limits

This project covers the entire state of Delaware as DelDOT is interested in determining a system of statewide bicycle routes.

Project Need

DelDOT has initiated this effort to determine a statewide network of bicycle routes to fulfill their mission to provide infrastructure for bicycle travel as a transportation option. It is DelDOT's goal to designate and maintain these routes for riders seeking both long touring and utilitarian trips. The effort would build on the success of Delaware Bicycle Route 1.

Project Start Date

November, 2003

Anticipated Completion Date

December, 2004

Current Construction Schedule

(not applicable) This is a planning study and any construction necessary to establish the new bike routes will be scheduled as a separate project following completion of this plan.

Contractor & Cost

Whitman, Requardt and Associates

Construction Details

Not applicable (see note under Current Construction Schedule)

Detailed Description

The Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) is conducting a planning study with the purpose of defining a statewide system of designated, primarily on-road, bicycle routes. By designating a system of routes, DelDOT will take advantage of the existing system of roadways to provide bicycle travel options for trips of many types for many types of riders. This network will potentially link communities and employment centers, provide access between tourism destinations, and provide travel options for shorter trips (to parks, urban centers, etc.). By following designated route signs a rider will be able to easily reach most destinations along a series of roadway links. The newly designated routes will be determined based on the riding experience they offer as well as how they serve the riding needs of both the recreational and commuting bicyclist.

As part of this project DelDOT will be assessing its internal strategies and making recommendations for actions the department can take to maintain facilities for bicyclists and provide general design guidance to DelDOT engineers for both designated routes and roadways, which provide access to these routes. DelDOT will also be engaging in a public outreach effort to gather more detailed information on preferred routes already identified by bicyclists in the state and to understand issues faced by residents who currently use, or would like to use, their bicycle as a primary or alternate form of transportation. Two rounds of meetings will be held at which DelDOT hopes to talk directly with interested citizens. The final report for this project is expected to be issued in July 2004.

Meeting Minutes or List of scheduled meetings

To be announced