Project Limits

East Front Street from French Street to Walnut Street in Wilmington

Project Need

Currently the I-95 Wilmington Viaduct Project is under design and is scheduled for construction in 2019. This could have a tremendous impact of roadway travel in and out of Wilmington. Thus DelDOT is moving aggressively to review roadways that are likely to be impacted the presumed increases in traffic. The Walnut Street project is designed as a traffic mitigation measure associated with the Wilmington Viaduct project.

Project Overview

The undertaking will involve the removal of the sweep connecting East Front Street to North Walnut Street in downtown Wilmington, Delaware. The project consists of the removal of the sweep, the widening of East Front Street to provide two additional lane widths and complaint sidewalk installation along portions of East Front Street, French Street, E 2nd Street, and Walnut Street. This will result in an intersection with an acceptable level of service due to added capacity throughout the Viaduct Project. Additionally, this project is also one of DelDOT's pilot CM/GC projects! A construction manager/general contractor (CM/GC) project will allow us to incorporate design and construction ideas together into the development of the project to improve efficient and project delivery. We are pleased to announce that Mumford & Miller will be working with the Design Team to help determine the best method for completing the project quickly and efficiently.

Project Timeline:

Design Phase: To be completed Fall 2017

Construction: Anticipated Start: Spring 2018

Public Workshop:

A public workshop was held on Tuesday November 15th, 2016 at the Amtrak station in Wilmington. (View Workshop Boards)
*Update: A bike lane will be added within the project limits along East Front Street (French Street to N Walnut Street) and on N Walnut Street (E Front Street to E 2nd Street).