Project Limits:

This project is located in the City of Wilmington along Carpenter Street from Van Buren Street to North Jackson Street.

Project Need

The goal of the project is to provide sidewalk and curb improvements, ADA standard upgrades to existing curb ramps, pedestrian lighting, traffic calming and landscaping.

Project Overview:

The design is for pedestrian and vehicular facilities along Carpenter Street Alley, from Van Buren Street to North Jackson Street. The proposed improvements are based on the "Green Alley" concept and includes removal of existing asphalt pavement and replace with a permeable surface, construct a sidewalk and on-street parking bays, add curb and a closed drainage system, add brick pavers and landscape amenities. Additional work will include construction of a traffic calming "neck-down" with a crosswalk, ADA compliant curb ramps and signage.

Anticipated Start Date:

July 2012