Project Name

Records Pond Dam Improvements

Project Limits

Approximately 500 feet north and south of the dam along Willow Street in the Town of Laurel.

Project Need

Dams require improvements to maintain safety. This dam is ranked 2nd out of 41 state regulated dams on the DelDOT/DNREC Dam Prioritization List.

Project Overview

This project involves the removal of all trees on the dam, installation of sheet piles to reinforce the existing earth dam, installation of rip rap, replacement of the one of the existing two gates, grading on the embankment and installation of sidewalks and paving along Willow Street and the fishing pier parking lots. Concrete repairs will also be made to the culvert under Willow Street.

Project Schedule:

Design work to be completed no later than spring of 2018.

Construction work to be completed fall of 2019